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After twenty-five years of extensive practice and experience, becoming experts in the field of Dermatology and Aesthetic laser treatment. spending years of practice working for prestigious clinics, our doctors have independently branched out and established Mi-Amor Dermatology & Aesthetic laser center in 2019

Mi-Amor Dermatology, Aesthetic Laser Center, nutritionists &physical therapy is more than a medical facility, once you step into our contemporary space you`ll enjoy a sense of serenity and relaxation. offering nothing less than extreme comfort and utmost care.  

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To be the premier aesthetic medical brand in Egypt


Provide an unparalleled experience with unrivalled results, while upholding unsurpassed safety standards.

Our Core Values


We believe in hard work is good in itself and we strive to provide the highest level of dedication and care to our patients., our utmost concern is confidentiality and patient privacy. Our ethics & values control our process and determine the whole scope of work.


To stay ahead of the crowd, we are fully committed to achieving best results of Innovative beauty science by the mean of world Class aesthetic medical devices and latest technology, offering the most effective treatment that exceed client satisfaction.

Medical Professionalism

It is not what we do as medical professionals, but how we do it! We strive to serve our patients with humility, while providing optimum levels of care. behind the emotional name lies a serious, rooted and professional experience that steers a committed, well-motivated staff.


Our ethics & values control our process and determine the whole “in-clinic” scope of work. Our business operation is based on respect and trust. our staff of professionals are a live demonstration of respect and sense of responsibility, maintaining a long lasting relationship with our satisfied loyal patients.


For us, Innovation and learning is a lifetime “Ongoing” process…!
We secure continuous staff training, encouraging our people to continuously upgrade and excel for adapting to customer needs and exceeding their expectations.


We are Client centric, our activities and process are tailored with our patients in mind. Prioritizing client needs and aspirations, catering unique treatment techniques that suits the nature of each individual and ensuring a delightful life changing experience for a returning satisfied loyal customer.
Meet Mi Amor

A life changing experience…!

We are all about you – offering the most comprehensive body and skin treatments from the best practitioners with many years of medical background is something that we pride ourselves on. Indeed, you don’t need to take our word for patient care and treatment excellence, our patients are happy to tell you themselves.we strive to ensure you get the best technology to provide unmatched non surgical treatment in a professional and ethical manner .


Come Experience the Secrets of Beauty and confidence


  • Derma

    Derma Clinic is a multidisciplinary medical center specializing in activities such as Dermatology, Aesthetic Medicine and non-Surgery Cosmetology .The dermatologist is the specialist doctor responsible for the study of healthy skin, as well as the skin diseases diagnosis, prevention and treatment

  • Nutrition

    To achieve your goals of weight, health ,the diet has to adapt to you.surly you have tried different diets throughout your life and your results have always been the same. It is time that you change the way you approach it so that your results are also different. We will teach you to eat and we will offer you tools so that in a while,You will achieve your weight and health goals in the best way.


  • Physical therapy

    If you’re seeking fast access to pain relief, rehabilitation, postural re-education or management of stress and anxiety, then we can help you.We offer full assessment and treatment.We put our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm at your service to achieve the best results without risking your health

  • Plastic surgery

    The passing of time, force of gravity, excess of sun, stress... all of these factors cause our skin and facial muscles to fall and lose tone. Plastic surgery cannot stop the clock but some operations can certainly turn it back some years.

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Atopic dermatitis is a chronic skin disease that occurs in outbreaks and whose main symptom is very itching

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Summer is here so abundant sun exposure is inevitable, make sure to wear your sunscreen...!

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Stretch marks are fine lines on the body caused by sudden changes in growth or overstretching.

School bag for our children

It’s no surprise injuries to the low back are common from backpacks.

Keratosis pilaris

The presence of "granites" on the arms is a frequent reason for consultation in dermatology,

How to treat Dandruff

Extremely difficult to treat, however, at mi amor Clinic more than 90% produces great results.
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